As always, there is much more to share than I could ever write here on my company blog. I will do my best to get it all out.

RYSP has officially optioned a screenplay called "Flushed" by screenwriter Brandt Kubo. Press and media articles will soon follow as this is kind of a big deal. No cast has yet been attached other than myself and Joe Hammerstone but I assure you, this is one to watch.

Redneck Carnage is still making the rounds as it is now on Amazon and will be up on Netflix soon.

Gameheads is now on Amazon as well and I'm currently working to get it on the shelves at Family Video and further distributed through Netflix, Redbox, and elsewhere.

Some big Hack Movies news comes with CockHammer (the aforementioned sequel to "Stiff Jobs") that it has picked up full DVD distribution through Tempe Video and currently up for pre-order through many retails sites including Amazon, TLA Releasing, Mr. Skin, and CD Universe. It will also be on Netflix around the time it officially releases on January 12, 2010. The next project titled "Strange Times at Strangeville High" was supposed to start filming this month but the script needs some polishing so another flick titled "Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas" is moving forward.

I recently worked on an erotic drama for Hornbill Films in Chicago called "Like a Moth to a Flame." The director, Toby Ross, has a particular audience and it shows in his films. The movie is now available for pre-order on Amazon, TLA Releasing, and other sites, officially releasing on November 30. The trailer has also been released and can be viewed on the project's IMDB page. Note: This movie and trailer are for mature audiences and if you know me, this may freak you out. You have been warned.

"The Heart III: Final Pulse" has a new full theatrical trailer.

There is much more news coming soon!


I figured I should write something official because I seem to be royally upsetting directors with my new policy. Here's the thing. If I am going to hall my butt over an hour (and sometimes much more) to get to your shoot, I want to make sure that you, as a filmmaker, make every effort to promote your film. I also want to make sure I get a copy so that I have the footage to keep not only to showcase to friends, other producer, directors and the like but to have on hand for my reel so that I can showcase what I've worked on. I truly don't understand why this is so unfair to ask for. I am really and truly not trying to be a jackass about this. I just want me work to be promoted so that I can continue to do what I do and that your work gets to be seen. This is mutally beneficial to all. I mean if you cast me, you're not only bringing on an actor with a lot of experience, but one who will promote the hell out of your project and bring it into many eyeballs that many other indie projects never see. I realize I sound extraordinarily vain but I assure it's not vanity, it's pure truth. If you don't allow me to promote the work I've done and have a copy so that I can further promote you, our work, and the great project we've created, I ask that you simply not cast me.

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I blog so much on so many different venues, I often forget I have an official blog to report things! Many of the current news comes from the projects listed on the projects page but I do have a few other things to note. First, I just learned from the incomparable Kevin Strange that the illustrious Babette Bombshell will be joining the cast of the as-yet officially titled sequel to Hack Movies' newest feature "Stiff Jobs." She is a indie pro and has been a part of many underground greats. It will be a pleasure and honor working with her.

I'm also working on a short called "Saint Auburn" this weekend for a group of students at Webster University. It will be a lot of fun I'm sure as my role is entirely done through voice over which is something I've always wanted to do. I am hoping this role will allow me to land many more voice over roles in the future.

Also this weekend, I'm working with writer/producer/director Ryan Gregory on his next great feature called "The Heart: Final Pulse." It seems I will be serving as lighting director and something else (which I can't for the life of me that bad?)

I've also been working diligently on a number of other great projects, specifically "Ben and Alex" to which we just brought on a new production company in Headspun Films. It is U.K. based and lead by Cliff Manderson who is also on board as producer. Actor David Gatt is aboard as a producer as well.

In other team news, Linda has been spearheading all sorts of things on her end including two features "Night at the Carriage House" and "Climbing Life." They are great projects and I'm excited that RYSP will be helping make them a reality.

I have also done some casting director stuff for a feature that will be filming in St. Louis through the summer called "Lucien." I'm pulling a bit of double duty as I have also auditioned for a role in the film. Wish me luck!

There is so much more I'm sure but for now I need to retire from the computer. I will keep you posted so stay tuned to this page!


I have recently negotiated coming aboard as the producer and director for the dramatic thriller I-59 South from writer/producer Benjamin S. Johnson. He also wrote the novel of the same name. Currently there is no official start date but production will begin soon. The film already stars Hollywood legend Olivia de Havilland and other big names are being sought. Keep your eyes peeled!


I learned yesterday that I've officially landed a role in an epic horror film titled Blood de Madam: The Fallen Ones. It stars an amazing ensemble of horror actors including Ari Lehman, Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon, Felissa Rose, and Monique Dupree! I'm pretty stoked as you can imagine. This one's the real deal. I get put up and taken care of the length of the shoot which is tentatively set to begin shooting the end of September. I'm really looking forward to this one!

There are all kinds of other things coming up in the wings. Check out my myspace page or IMDB page for more info!


The first-ever production from my official production company has been completed! Scalpel is "in the bag" and I gotta tell ya, it looks AWESOME! I send extreme and copious kudos to my cast and crew, especially Trevor for jumping in without being asked when the original D.P. was not available. Many more updates will be coming but meanwhile, I have another huge project I am preparing for. As always, keep your eyes peeled!