About The Team

Erik A. Williams - Founder/Actor/Producer
Erik began his acting career on stage spending many years living, learning, and growing up in the theatre. His many stage adventures even took me around the world with the international, multi-cultural group Up with People. After over ten years of stage experience, he transitioned to film and television landing his first film role in 2005 as Lewis in The Book. Since then he has worked on over sixty films as well as a bevy of television shows, music videos, commercials, and industrials. During that time he has had the fortune of working with many of the biggest names in Hollywood including Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore, Heath Ledger, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Besides acting, Erik has worked as a producer on several titles both big and small, helping them to garner financing, promotion, marketing, and cast. His most recent acquisition of screenwriter Brandt Kubo's "Flushed" will be his and RYSP's biggest project yet. (Many more details on that will be revealed here as they come.)

Erik also represents a huge pool of talent as a casting director. His talent so far fills the screen of five features and two shorts. That's not to mention his work as a casting assistant for Maxwell House coffee and season twenty of The Real World.

Along with all of this experience, he also wears the hats of a voice over artist, cinematographer, gaffer, grip, production assistant, stunt performer, writer, and many others in the industry. The gap between the work he has not done in the industry goes ever shorter as Erik continues to make a name for himself in all he does.

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Joe Hammerstone - Actor/Producer
Joe Hammerstone is a film actor who has been working in feature length and short films since 2002 playing a gamut of roles. With his distinctive look, he has been everything from a pot-smoking delinquent to a proud father. His continued work as an actor grows by leaps and bounds each day as he strives to not only be a representative of independent film but of that of the mainstream Hollywood audience as well.

Like Erik, Joe is also a producer for RYSP but also maintains his own company Burning Frame Films. BFF is pushing the indie envelope at every turn and will be blasting into the stratosphere beginning 2010. Keep your eyes peeled!

In addition to acting and producing, Joe can be seen behind the camera as well with his work in cinematography, writing, assistant directing, producing and stunt work.


BJ "Honkey" Lange - Actor/Assistant
BJ Lange aka "The No-Limit Honkey" is quite literally a jack of all trades. BJ Langeâ€ôs love for entertaining has earned him great acclaim from audiences world-wide. BJ began his career as a â€ústunt-boy” on the nationally syndicated Steve & DC Radio Network. The sensational street stunts he performed for the morning show even caught the attention of The Dr. Phil Show; BJ appeared as a guest in 2003.

After spending a few years in the theatre and radio industries, BJ crossed into mainstream film and television with an emphasis on live performance and hosting. In 2004, BJ collaborated with JohnsonDiversey at the McDonaldâ€ôs Worldwide Convention to act as a spokesmodel performing in edutainment videos. Months later, the US Army selected BJ to perform in its international convention event in Heidelberg, Germany. And, throughout 2005-2007 audiences went wild for BJâ€ôs outrageous personality when he hosted multiple MTV cross-country event tours!

Multiple marketing agencies also acknowledged BJâ€ôs phenomenal character acting skills when their execs chose him to perform as the outgoing, fun-loving, privateer, Captain Morgan. BJ has also performed in commercials, voice-overs, dinner theatre, and improv comedy sketches. Additionally, his talents include modeling, as well as DJing. Currently, BJ is hosting The World Series of Video Games, Presented by Intel.

BJ believes acting can be a powerful agent for change and inspiration, and often instructs youth improv and drama workshops. He has trained over 500 performers worldwide. He has worked with renowned performers, acting coaches, and industry experts. He continues to seek opportunities to study and perform with some of the best in the industry.